Thursday, October 7, 2010

Absent, but not Fogotten

Like so many of my blogs, I've allowed far too much time to pass since my last blog entry. This, of course, contradicts the larger goal this blog was started to accomplish, but I shall try to be more conscientious. I suppose starting the blog shortly before work returned to a busy pace and classes resumed was not the world's most realistic decision. Rest assured, however, that my absence has been only from the blog, and not from photography in general. I was serious about my investment when I purchased the camera, I simply don't have as much time to edit photos and write about it as perhaps I had hoped. At least, I haven't been making the time.

I have recently acquired both Photoshop (an older version John had) and Aperture. So I've recently been playing around with some photo editing. I haven't actually had a chance to do much of anything in Aperture yet, but have had some fun with photoshop. Below are a few of my favorite recent photos, all from the same weekend.

I think this is a wonderful photo of a darling friend

John and I spent a lovely afternoon at a winery - and I enjoyed playing around with Photoshop afterward.

Gotta love those green eyes

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